For the Very First Time in Afghanistan we are introducing Tracking Services which brings Afghanistan towards established countriesb by launching the most Advanced Technological Equipments and Services. Our fleet management solution along with real-time GPS tracking fro vehicles, trailers or your heavy equipment helps you to improve fleet productivity accountability and profitability. Our soluions are easy to implement, simple and very user friendly making it ideal for any fleet size.

Vision & Mission

Universal Eagle Tracking Company, ensure security and safety for all integrating state of the art technologies beyond the boundaries. Universal Eagle Tracking Company, strives to provide highly sophisticated customized value added security solutions to our valuable customers.


Universal Eagle Tracking Company has an all-encompassing solution especially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Fleet Owners. GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices provide 90 days accurate text reports of travel & stop times, lovations, speed and map displays showing routes traveled.

Special Vehicles Tracker?

1: Real Time Tracking

2: Movement/speeding alarm

3: Open Doors/Alarm

4: Emergency button

5: One way Mic

6: Low bettry alarm

7: Sos on wire

8: Remote Control

9: Remote Control Oil and Circut

Personal Trackers

1: Rechargeable

2: Strong Magnetic

3: Recordable

4: Anti-lost Positioning for eldery 5.children

5: Voice Monitoring

6: Free Installation

7: Normal Sim

Eldery GPS tracker Watch

1: Real Time Tracking

2: Heart Rate Monitor

3: Historical Route

4: GPS+Beidou+LBS+Wifi Multi Modes Postioning

5: Real Time And Timing Heart rate measurement

6: Do not disturb mode

7: Clock Alarm

8: Pill Alarm

9: Find watch

10: Remote Shutdown

11: Varius App setting and function

12: Fall Down alarm